Buzz Wiesenfeld

An experienced and accomplished mediator, Buzz Wiesenfeld has been helping people resolve disputes for over 20 years. Recognized for his capacity to listen and calm persistence, he helps parties craft wise and mutually satisfying agreements.

Special Training

I am committed to a high level of integrity in my mediation practice and have invested over 1000 hours of specialized training through 2002. In addition, in 2002, I was accepted into a limited residency Master of Arts/Conflict Resolution program through Antioch University (the accredited graduate school of Antioch College, founded in 1850 in Yellow Springs, OH). One of the first of its kind in the nation, this is an academically rigorous masters program requiring successful conclusion of sixty credits, and with a project/thesis requirement to graduate. I have over 3000 hours of training in mediation and other dispute resolution issues through these providers:

  1. Sacramento Mediation Center, CA
  2. Bates Edwards Group, CA
  3. CDR Associates, Boulder CO
  4. American Arbitration Association
  5. Western Network, NM
  6. American Association of Attorney Mediators
  7. Pepperdine Institute for Dispute Resolution
  8. California Center for Public Dispute Resolution
  9. Interaction Associates, CA
  10. Antioch University McGregor, OH, M.A. awarded September, 2004

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