Buzz Wiesenfeld

An experienced and accomplished mediator, Buzz Wiesenfeld has been helping people resolve disputes for over 20 years. Recognized for his capacity to listen and calm persistence, he helps parties craft wise and mutually satisfying agreements.

Buzz Wiesenfeld - Mediator


  • "My client has asked me to thank you for your splendid aide in mediating this matter. We have always found you to be an outstanding neutral who moves heaven and earth in getting difficult matters settled"
  • "Thank you... state the obvious, you worked remarkably hard and with extraordinary effectiveness"
  • "Both my clients and I were very pleased with your efforts and your compassion and courtesies you showed them"
  • "Thank you...was very impressed by your diligence, patience and overall effort... I would recommend you to anyone"
  • "I was most impressed with not only your knowledge of the law and issues, but your demeanor and approach to mediation"
  • "...I do not think it ever would have settled without your help at the beginning"
  • "Mr. Wiesenfeld deserves great credit for having achieved what every party to mediation hopes will occur. The issues were addressed. Personal antagonism, which in this case had been in the making for 30 or 40 years, was not permitted to derail the discussion or analysis"
  • "...Both of us were absolutely amazed at the professional manner in which you facilitated the resolution of the issue to the satisfaction of both parties"
  • "I wanted to thank you for extending yourself in achieving a successful resolution in this case"
  • "Please accept my thanks for your invaluable input, and the time and energy which you devoted to this mediation. I do not believe that we would have settled this case as expeditiously as we ultimately did without your help" (plaintiff/defense attorney)
  • "Your efforts were vital to the successful conclusion of the matter"
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Buzz Wiesenfeld started a full time dispute resolution practice in 1993, after an 18-year trial law career (MH "av"; ABOTA,1989). He has mediated/arbitrated over 4,000 matters.

Buzz is an experienced and accomplished mediator, recognized for his capacity to listen and calm persistence in helping parties craft wise and mutually satisfying agreements. He tailors mediations to the particular needs of each case and its participants.

Clients trust Buzz's commitment to conduct an efficient, cost effective session with a high probability of success. He is available before sessions, to assure participants are comfortable and prepared, and afterwards, to assure every effort has been made towards resolution.

B.A., U.C. Berkeley (1971), J.D., McGeorge School of Law (1975), M.A., Conflict Management, Antioch University (2004).

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